XBL 1 month 1 dollar help

is this an on going thing or will this deal expire soon because my friend made an account so he has 1 free month and is looking to buy more gold but if he buys another month for 1 dollar it doesnt stack up onto the free month he got, so he wants to wait until his free month is over then buy a month of gold for a dollar but that will be in like 3 weeks so will it end before then?


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also idk where to post this so sorry :/

Gold subscription do stack up.

So if he has a month of Gold at the moment and buys another month, the subscription will add another month to it, so it will expire in two months.

it says he will be billed again in exactley 30 days instead of 2 months from now

I am not sure if Gold Membership will stack with the free 30 day trial. My trial ends the 28th of May the 1 dollar membership was there then disappeared after about 10 days and now its back. I think this is standard pratice.

this suck it wont let me get it at all

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this suck it wont let me get it at all


do you have a debit card or credit card linked to your account i had same problem and that fixed it


same here whats up xbox