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XBB Gaming is a mature gaming community. We run a military style rank structure where a new member starts as a private and works their way up. There are no requirements to be in XBB except for being mature. You do not have to add XBB to your gamer tag or anything like that. We run tournaments all the time where we give prizes, such as MS points or gift cards. We're a group of people looking to find others that want to have fun and hang out.

The biggest difference between us and most other groups/clans/communities is that we're a lot more relaxes with "procedures". We know that this is a video game community and not real life. We know that people have stuff going on. We know that your world doesn't revolve around working for XBB, and because of that we don't freak out when stuff happens. We're here to have fun playing with friends, and if all you want to do is get on and play then that's cool. If you want to become an officer and help run the community then that would be awesome.

If you want more info then you're welcome to send me a message, my gamertag is XBB Griever 6, or you can contact XBB Sandman 6. We also invite you to check out our website at xbbgaming.com and see what we're all about.


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