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I am a father of two and I have been an avid console player my entire life. I invest in my childrens education in a number of way. I belong to abcmouse.com and I also purchase apps from the windows 8 app store. I really like the focus on educational apps for windows. Education has it's own catagory and it's very easy to search. What I would like to see is that same type of focus on the XB1. Don't get me wrong I love to play COD, AC4, Forza and soon to be Project Spark Beta just like everyone else but I believe technology is our future as well as the future of our educational system. XB1 has the capability to be the go to educational tool parents use. Personaly I would rather not plop my children infront of the TV and have them watch nickelodeon when they could be doing something that stretches their imagination and challenges them to become more intelligent all the while being far more entertaining than watching a TV show. Microsoft NEEDS to challenge developers to go beyond the standard console game formatts and create games that will ignite childrens creativity and their passion to learn. Parents will always invest in their children, I know I would be willing to pay for these apps/games should they ever come out.


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Yes but cod and halo would sell billion s more than an educational app or game. Though I also think there should be a  an app like that. The amazon store has a lot of good education apps.

Microsoft is a business. Not a community service. The one and only purpose of a business, is to make the largest amount of money possible. There may some educational games or apps that come out, but that's because some publisher saw a market and decided he wanted to make money from it.

And there actually is a market for it. But even hoping for a second that a corporation like Microsoft would apply the same amount of resources that they would for a Triple A blockbuster, is frankly quite delusional. No offense.

I can't see MS really doing something like this to be honest, but I invested in a LeapPad for my son. He used it before he started school. By the time he got there he was well able to do the stuff they were just learning. Once my daughter is old enough we will hand it down to her. I would invest in something like that. They're games, but learning games.  A company like this would be best as their sole purpose is for making learning fun and easy. Check it out in the link below.

LeapPad Ultra


If you still have a  360 and a kinect there are plenty of fun and educational titles for the kids. I remember spotting a sesame street game in the bargain bin last time I was looking at games at the shops. No doubt they will bring out educational kinect based games for the Xbone eventually but not for a while.

If you want clever children just talk to them and let them play games for fun, both my children are in the top 5% of their schools ranking, and their schools are highly ranked nationally, take the time to explain how absolutely everything works and they will retain the information they are interested in, besides that, real word physical play is far more beneficial to them both physically and mentally...

The title of this thread got me thinking on the way home, I'd so buy a game that like taught me to speak Spanish or some basic cooking or something.

In other words, I think we need educational games for adults. Maybe even one that teaches me about super... Haha nah that's boring.

They only want money.


Halo 3 would sell well. Halo: Operation ABC123 would not sell well.


Microsoft only wants money. End of story.

Zoo Tycoon might be a bit too tricky for younger kids due to the focus of resolving economic issues, but that would be great for kids.  Minecraft, which should be out soon, is great for kids as it benefits them to use their imaginations.  You've already mentioned Project Spark.  There are lots of games that are suitable for children, but I don't know how much of an educational benefit they will be.

Please check out my app that I am getting ready to build an Xbox One version of!

We are Gamer Parents and have an educational tool that will promote creativity and passion for the children to get involved with learning! Basically since there is no educational game that could ever compare with COD we have developed an education system that blocks the Xbox gameplay and forces the user to answer the study material in order to continue playing the games that they love best! If they want to continue playing, they will find it in their best interest to answer the questions! If the user answers correctly it gives them more and more play time. Each correct answer gives them extra time to "stack" the timer with as much time as they need to finish a match. If they answer incorrectly, the timer time gets reduced until another question blocks their content. The more correct answers, the more play time they have. Since the system will be an overlay on the existing media, the user will want to get answers correct since the game is what they love. This creates the passion to learn! Since all children desire different means of entertainment, creating the perfect "game" isn't the answer! Creating something that works with the games that they already love gains the attention of the user and ensures that they will want to contribute!

For more information please watch the 2 minute video on our website!


Thank you for your time!


Good topic. As a parent, I can imagine kinect being used for just this sort of thing. Drawing shapes in the air, shouting out answers to simple math problems all in the context of watching an episode of a children's TV show like sesame street or others. The shows already have that dynamic built in. Which of these things is not like the other? Four pictures appear on screen and after a few seconds one gets circled. With kinect a child can circle it themselves. Mickey mouse clubhouse, get up and do the hotdog dance. Also a good way for kids to get some exercise on a rainy day. While I doubt Microsoft will do this themselves I can see a company like Disney doing something along those lines. They already make tons of apps for everything else so why not?

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