XB LF VampireBite NA-DC

I have around 5k gold ussually but im offering 50$ xbox card for a bite, if i manage to save my gold ill offer the 5k aswell. ill give you the  gold upfront but the card code afterwards through xbox message , no scam just not worth the risk of losing 50$ and im pretty desperate for the bite and don't have the time to farm enough gold to afford paying ingame currency for it.

Xbox one - GT: SmithXB1 , ingame name - Lethalqt   lvl 31 Nightblade

NA server

Alliance: Daggerfall

Looking for:  VAMPIRE BITE

please help would be greatly appreciated. message me on xbox if your interested, Thanks.


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Don't pay for it!!!!!! Just wait for the new moon and look for the blood fiends in the correct zone. It's really easy.

Ya I know but I'm very impatient and I did try to sit there and wait , but my offer still stands and if you could help me That'd be awsome. I really don't mind spending the money though