XB LF VampireBite $50xboxcard NA,DC

$50 xbox card 4 your bite.

Xbox one - GT: SmithXB1 , ingame name - Lethalqt   lvl 31 Nightblade

NA server

Alliance: Daggerfall

Looking for:  VAMPIRE BITE

please help would be greatly appreciated. message me on xbox if your interested, Thanks.


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$50 is not worth it man. So many people scam. The leader of my guild was a vampire for a week an absolutely hated it cause he was so weak to flame and would get *** in cyrodil, he got cured and is now waiting on his buddy to give a werewolf bite. I honestly would keep your $50 and if you cant get a bite for free or from a friend you trust, wait it out. Patience is the key.

Yeah I  agree they do take a lot of damage  specially if your not stacking  resIstances,  but  I've tried camping them out and just can't bare doing it any longer, if you know anyone I honestly don't mind giving the card out for it but def not gonna be going first on the trade and be out 50$ so if anyone is kind enough to wanna trade message me on xb