X360 Gamescore World Championship!(vote what do you want there)

Hello everyone!

I want to make a special Gamescore Championship, but only, if enough people interested, and before make any date, please answer for the questions about the new Championship, what do you prefer/want there? Just write here the number, and answer like: 1. a)  2. c)..etc

But before you answer, there is already rules that will be on the Championship:

No offline points, no offline points before the challenge starts, no cheating in gamescore points. No easy games under 5h 1000GS

Ok, here we go:

1. What do you say for a 1 year long chamionship?

a) No

b) Maybe

c) Yes

2. How long gamescore challenge you want in a month?

a) 1 week

b) 14 or 21 days

c) 30 days

3. What do you want to see in the championship as prize?

a) Games and/or hardware

b) Money

c) Microsoft Points

d) Trophies

4. Easy games, what is the option for you?

a) Don't allow them

b) Allow them, but only if one day is 1-2 easy games can be played!

c) Allow them

5. Where do you want to see the Gamescore Championship standing

a) Here on forum

b) A new webpage or blog

c) 360voice.com

d) On other forum

6. Will be there other gamescore ranking on the championship or not?( most gamescore in a week, most gamescore in the month..etc)

a) No

b) Maybe 2-3 rankings

c) Yes

7. Do you want Game rankings in the champinoship(what game how many players played eg: Call Of Duty MW3 - 106, Need For Speed Run - 102..etc)

a) Yes

b) Maybe a TOP 10

c) No

8. Gamers with *****or more  gamescore allowed:

a) Dont need a limit, because no easy games rule

b) 25000

c) 50000

d) 75000

9. Games where you can use cheats/glitches to make points:

a) Allowed

b) Banned

10. Allow arcade games to play?

a) Yes

b) No


10 Questions, please answer it if you want a real Gamescore chamiponship. This is a not one man work, i working on to make team that create and controls the challenge. If you want to be on the team, send me MSG here, or on Xbox Live, and i will send you an email address, and what we waiting from you in the team.

UPDATES comes often, please check back always for new informations!





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In regard to numbers 3 and 5; I'm afraid if you want to run the challenge here on the forum then you aren't allowed to give any prizes beyond bragging rights.

Ok, i noticed. Everybody, number 3 and 5, answer only if you want the challenge not here :-)

Please, answer it in this forum, not in MSG. Thanks

Sounds oddly familiar.

That it may oh dark lord but even the Forum Reg Leaderboard has shorter term gamerscore challenges in it.

As I understand it there is no rule in place to say someone can not set up a gamerscore challenge thread of their own, especially since the FRL isn't a challenge but an ongoing tally.

Your setting yourself some high target rules there Lesliebond, good luck with it.

Quite a few hard rules Leslie but like the concept of a year challenge, can't agree on the fact that you should limit what games you are allowed to play and also not being allowed to appear offline.

Often people have to appear offline as to not hurt friends feelings and not roped into playing COD, Gears, Fifa etc.

But seeing as I may be thrown out of the other gamerscore challenge on these forums I may have to bear it in mind...