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Just wondering haha, so they they just randomly add new Xbox One gamerpics every so often? It seems like every time I check through them ive seen new ones i've never seen before lol!
If so thats pretty cool, seeing as most you had to pay for last gen.

Though I find it pretty hard to want to change my red shark pic, theres actually some pretty cool ones.


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They do seem to be added at random, for whatever reason.

And I agree, it's nice that they're free & most of the artwork is pleasing to the eye, but I would like some more game-specific artwork to use. I would gladly pay for some Metal Gear Solid V, Killer Instinct, Evolve, or The Witcher 3 gamer pictures. I'm actually surprised Microsoft didn't have any Halo-related artwork to choose from at launch, since that's their flagship exclusive.

I read once (on here somewhere) that someone suggested the ability to add achievement pictures as a gamerpic. I would like that. To work well, it would have to be something you could crop yourself but I thought that idea was great.

Yeah, I remember reading that also. It's a great idea.

Tomb Raider gamerpic for the win if it ever gets green light. I love how some of the achievements look. Mind you, they would even go nicely as a theme background.

I would rather them let end users add their own pictures ala steam. To prevent anything inappropriate it would allow on to report the image ala profile texts. Or an alternate route would be changing the image on Xbox.com and it could be reviewed via community programs before applied to the profile.

Would be a sweet idea too! They did that waaay back in the beginning of last gen when those "vision cameras" were popular for some reason.

There's some very lovely gamerpics available, but nothing will compare to my British bobby ;)  

I do like some of them, but I'm not really a fan of how many brightly coloured ones there are. Also really hanging out for some game specific ones.

BHC you do have a rather dashing avatar :D though that hat, I heard somewhere once that a police officer must allow pregnant women to use them as a toilet if requested O_o

Robbo, that would be a good idea. We are talking something along the lines of a vote process on submitted pictures right? I could back that so long as it wasn't spammed. I always liked the idea of some sort of paint tool to draw your own.

Moshed, I have bad experiences with that camera. I never had it myself but me and my bro were playing with a dude once on MW2 and we beat him down. He sent us some picture messages. Fortunately I just got a picture of this guy holding a knife to the camera but my brother got something....much worse :/ lol.

Digital, you're not wrong dude. Some of them are pretty colourful. I am holding out for some game specific ones too if they come along. I am using the zombie hand controller one, like most others lol.

Lol. Cloud, do you know how many times I've been asked that question. Strangely enough, only men have asked so far :) 

If Microsoft release a Met response vehicle as a gamerpic then hell to my Bobby. 

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