X- men Destiny RPG first look preview

I really hope  don't end being so linear  like Too human .

Adding it to my games track list.


[quote]X-Men Destiny’s story is being penned by Mike Carey, writer of the X-Men Legacy book, and revolves around three new mutants--Aimi Yoshida, Grant Alexander, and a third as yet unrevealed character. The tale begins at a San Francisco peace rally in memory of Professor X who, in the game’s timeline, is dead. The rally goes poorly, which is pretty much the norm for any mutant related gathering, and the character you’ve chosen to play as becomes involved in a conflict between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The events at the rally cause a chain of events that send your character on a journey of self-discovery and evolution that will tip the balance in the conflict between the two factions. How that all plays out is entirely up to you and the choices that you make over the course of the game.


The big component of the power system in X-Men Destiny is the way you’ll be able to customize your powers by mixing and matching X-genes in offensive, defensive, and utility slots. You’ll earn different genes throughout the game by exploring and completing missions. The genes will be based on characters from the X-universe. In addition, you’ll be able to find and wear costumes that are an homage to those familiar characters that will yield special bonuses when combined with the proper X-genes- creating a “set”.



reps from each of the factions: Gambit for the Brotherhood and Colossus and Surge from the X-Men, which led to an example of the game’s choices. After each rep made their case for why Aimi should hand it over to them, gameplay froze and prompted a choice. Reps on hand stated that the choices made in these “destiny” moments will impact what X-genes you earn and which characters will help you out over the course of the adventure. Aimi chose to hand the package off to Gambit, which affected her status with the Brotherhood faction.



 info and vid here :








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I saw some gameplay footage of the game on G4 last night. It looks quite good, and I'm looking forward to it.

how you find Green lantern, Wick ?

Better be better than Too Human.

Hmm, interesting...

Does it have character customization ?


Is there an online mode ?


Is there a release date set ?