X Class Production Car?

I've checked the auction house frequently but I haven't seen a production car modified to X class. Wanting to know if it is possible or if not, what is the highest spec'd car you can modify?


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I think the only ones that could even remotely go into X class were the le mans prototypes. I personally haven't tried in this game, but those were the only ones I could get there in FM3

Yeah, I've got the LeMans-type Peugeot, and after a brief removal of the restrictor plates, etc, it went up to X999. I have a rather nice Xbox paint scheme in my storefront. (It's free. I don't charge for anything.) If you want, I will fire up Forza 4 so I can tell you which model it is that can be maxed at X999...well, even if you DON'T want, I'm gonna fire up Forza 4. If I had any regrets about getting a 360 instead of a PS3, that's gone, now. And for the well-rounded experience the rival is suppose to deliver, that's why I own NASCAR 2011, DiRT 2, and soon, DiRT.

From what I can tell, the highest a production car can go is R1. I don't have access to the game anymore, but I had my Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec sitting in R1 class. The Bugatti Veyron and I imagine the SSC Ultimate Aero would also be available to move into R1. You might be able to push the R34 in as well, but I'm not sure. If it can be moved in you could theoretically do the same with most Nissan cars that accept the R34's engine. Mind you I couldn't put my S15 beyond R3 with the R34's engine.

I've seen X-class cars on the auction house.