WWE2K Improvements

Not sure if 2kSports played it safe and just implemented the same WWE product from THQ, but there are definitely improvements I'd like to see to this title in the future.  First, kudos to the 30 years of Wrestlemania, but I don't really dig the Undertaker streak gauntlet match; Not sure how this is defending the streak. 


In the WWE Universe mode, it would be nice to incorporate custom or predeveloped indepth storylines with decision making ability that would impact future matches, alliances, rivalries, etc. 


Also, without violating any copyright laws, I'm sure including the clothing items, and other templates of OTHER wrestlers (TNA wrestlers) is permissible. 


As far as the theme songs and logos available to customize to created wrestlers, this is pathetic.  WWE is the king of theme songs, and I'm sure you can whip up some cheesy music for this brand.  If **** can do it, so can you. 


Graphic improvements is a must, especially for Xbox ONE.  You need a major overhaul of the graphics and audio system. The WWE has over 30 years of commentary that can be customized to develop future titles of this game.  It really sucks to hear Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross commentating ANY Wrestlemania before IX. 


What other improvements or changes can you think of that would make this game worthwhile on the Xbox ONE? 


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