WWE and Take 2 officially ink a new deal, take 2 to have the WWE for next 5 years

Just like the title says they have officially inked a deal with the WWE,  Take 2 is offcially it now, and will bring in Visual Concepts to assist Yukes,  the next game still scheduled to come out this fall will be rebranded  WWE 2k14..


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Sweet, this is most excellent news as i feel 2k sports/games know how to make sports games right. (oh how i miss 2k football)... I also read another article that the plan was still to release 2k14 by this Fall... This worries me a little as i do think 2k would simply be taking over what is already created in the development and so they would just add their 2 cents to it as opposed to starting from scratch in which case i would delay the release til next summer...i guess we'll know for sure come this years' E3.


its posted in that link,  we will still be getting 14 this fall as normal, as Take 2 signed Yukes on, and the former THQ employees, theyre going to bring in Visual Concepts to help out Yukes, and the game will be  WWE 2K14 this year, but its still on the same time frame and everything so it should come out as normal,  I think that 2k will eventually bring out their own engine, but for now they needed to bring over Yukes, that way the WWE games can still be put out till they come up with their own plan, or Visual Concepts start having more to do with the developement over Yukes..

I know that's the plan which is why i said it worries me...i would rather they start from scratch. There is no need to release a wrestling game every year, this isn't madden football...if 2k wants to keep their reputation and not tarnish their name then i would scrap whatever yukes created and start over. I would use them as mostly consultants for the next game, or just let them handle the dlc part of it.... Last thing i want to see is 2k14 be the same as wwe 13 with simply new menus and modes...it's the main reason i didn't buy anything after '07 until '13.


The problem there though is that the WWE controls the release of the games ,and in their contract they want a game pumped out every year, im sure Take 2 would love to build from the ground up, taking a year or two, but the WWE would not allow that money to be lost for two straight years, so in that sense Take 2 has their hands tied, just like when people would complain about THQ, why release the games before this that and the other, they had to meet certain contract obligations which no doubt Take 2 signed into also.    Take 2 probly agreed to pump out 14 and 15 with Yukes, but ill be theyre gonna be working on their own engine in that time also with Visual Concepts.

I believe there should be a game released every year. Personally I can't even stand playing WWE 13 anymore because I want more features, new wrestlers, new PPVs, the new WWE belt, etc. Each year there is room for a ton of improvement and I feel this game hasn't even come close to it's potential.

Im with you on this one Chicago, I like having a game every year.  I think Take 2 will bring this series up to a new level, also because they are not going bankrupt lol

Meh I enjoyed WWE 12 and 13 even more but that's just me

I did to ClosingRacer, I think WWE 13 is one of the best entries in this entire series.  I see all the people always complaining about this and that, and im like I spend hours on Universe Mode and thats what keeps me going I love it, of course I dont have the issues that people keep talking about and that one count bug that was complained about it does really bother me but I also havnt really seen it in my game, I think people expect to much sometimes from games.