WWE 13 DLC's Corrupting Data

every time try Downloading a DLC from WWE 13 Shop its says go back to the title screen and activate it so go and do that then when try to go back to the main menu it says that some files may not load because DLC was not activated how do....... I get my DLC to work and how do....  i activate it


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All your suppose to have to do is after you go into the shop online, and pick what you want to downlaod, or download it all, is when you go back into the game, you go back to the main title screen with C.M. Punk's image and were it says press start, then you do that go back into the game and the additional characters you downloaded should be available to use, this is the same case with the titles that can be downloaded also, if this is not working for you, try to clear out your cache memory.  Also you might want to delete the download content you are trying to get to work and redownload it after clearing out your cache memory.