WWE 12 Universe mode info

heres some good info on the new Universe mode for WWE 12  

Long awaited info for WWE ’12′s Universe 2.0 mode is here. This year’s incarnation looks very impressive, with updates from last year including the following:

- Almost everything is editable. Want to rename Superstars, Smackdown or RAW something else? Go right ahead. Want to give it an exclusive title? Go ahead. Superstar gets released in real life? Any superstar including CAWs and Legends can be turned on or off at will for any particular show. The only thing that can’t be edited is title rankings, but title shots can be given to any superstar at will. You can also change the days the show airs.

- Everything makes much more sense now. Last year, we had some things that didn’t really seem natural – like inferno matches for 8 straight PPVs. All of that has been fine-tuned and things make much more sense now and blend with each other much better.

- Titles can be defended on any show

- WWE draft that looks just like it does on TV

- Tag Teams and stables don’t split nearly as often as last year.

This year’s WWE Universe mode seems pretty impressive, especially the customization of it all. The toning down of storyline randomness should fix one of last year’s biggest flaws.


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and here is a video of Road to Wrestlemania mode.. looks great