WTF just happened???

So I was trying to get some reprisal's by invading with the blue orb at Anor Londo:

So I used my Blue orb and it say's:


"searching for world of the guilty.... searching..... searching........"

"you are being summoned..."    Huh??!!... WTF??!!


I didn't have a summon sign down (you can't when your trying to invade) I didn't even have my white soapstone equiped.

I appeared as a white phantom in the invaders spawn point (up by the big doors to the main hall) and was promply attacked by the two giant sentry's standing guard there.

I rand down the stair to get away from this unexpected situation. And found the summoner/host at the bottom of the stairs. I then helped him get to the first bonfire before he bannised me with the black seperation crystal.

(once again I'm doing all the work for some scrub in Anor Londo that can't seem to get past the archer's on his own but thats a whole different rant..)



Has anyone else had something like this happen? I mean I'm trying to invade then it "summons" me as a white friendly phantom??



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You can farm the off the bird creatures in the painted world.

Yes, I've had similar things happen.  Sometimes the game glitches and spawns you as a different kind of phantom.  I've had my white soap stone sign down only to appear in someone else's world as a red phantom.  I've also been summoned to the forest by Alvina only to appear as a red.  I've heard of other accounts where people were invading and appeared as a white or gold phantom.  It happens.


If you had stepped through the doors into the main hall and tried your blue orb again, you may have been able to invade that same player.

I've never really had a glitch like that and just like SIL3NT SNIP3R09 said, you can farm them, unless you just like the invading part.


Something odd happened to me as well.

Was blue orbing at Anor Londo, and I get an invasion. The instant I spawn, I'm thrown into the cutscene of the Gwyndolin Boss fight. The odd thing was, however, instead of host in the cutscene, it was ME. The cutscene ends and I'm left standing at the regular spawn point for blue invaders. I walk around a bit looking for host, but he challangesGwyndolin and throws me out of his world.

Another odd thing, however, when I went back to my own world, I got the achievement for killing Gwyndolin. I didn't even know where that boss was at the time.

I still haven't fought Gwyndolin to this day. Lol.

I've been a red phantom a couple times when I was darkmooning. Kinda odd.

When I was trying to stock up on S.o.R.'s, I did my Blue Orb invading in the Painted World. It's far enough along in the story that many players have accumulated some Sin, and while you're waiting to Invade, you can farm the Crow Demons on the off chance they'll drop one. It didn't take me long to get to 10 this way.