WTF is the "ping" sound!

 Maybe it's just me but you know the sound the game makes when you down someone but need to execute them? I've been hearing the sound last night and today while in a shotgun battle or lancering someone with one or two bullets it will make the sound. Also how has your connection been I had a couple of matches where up-close shots with the Gnasher did little to no damage? Getting downed by the retro lancer with only three to four bullets? People charging though heavy lancer fire with there SOS (which I don't believe was fixed) at faster then usual speeds? People you downed zooming around the map as if they where still standing? Sorry for getting off the subject a little but these are the questions I have and wanted to ask the community.


Does any body get the "ping" sound when in a fire fight or trying to execute and has any body notice any lag or problem with connection in the past 48 hours?


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its the marking system.. when you press LT and Left Thumb stick in it marks a target for everyone to see and makes a ping sound

It sounds like you're referring to the execution sound, which will occasionally sound off randomly for me as well. I don't have any consistent issues with it unless the enemy has spawn protection though, so I have no idea what would be making it such a problem for you.

That ping is one of three things..


1. Your trying to shoot an downed enemy in Execution from too far away.

2. Spawn protection

3. It randomly pops up when you max out on damage/your foe gets maxed out of damage in close range combat.

This happened to us in a private match. The wife unloaded her lancer on someone and it pinged the whole time...just that one match and we thought it had to do with some lag..

Sounds like the OP has a bad connection.

It has been some what frusterating but I'm not mad just wondering if others have had an issues. Has your connection be good Mark?

Rob 81 I think your on to something I don't program video games but would assume that there is some type of "lag" with game play seeing how there’s double the amount of animation executions and other details it can't be perfect.

I don't think so unless they are spawning in random spots now a days.

I get that noise from time to time also. usually with my first gnasher shot when i begin a battle.

I get it all the time when in a shot gun battle close quarters, as i die,

I put this down to the coding, to make it look like there is no lag, like halo it sync its self to show exact even though its not, so really they have shot you first and you are dead on there screen first.

Just my 2 pence, may not be true but just my spin on it.

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