WTF is going on tonight...

Anyone else having trouble tonight playing? My first room I joined it connected to the room then disconnected me. So I qued again and sent me to the same room and did the same thing (joined the same room over 5 times before I got into another one.)  Next room I played like 1 min I got downed and asked for help, then did the host thing and I got kicked out. Now to end it the last 4 rooms don't have the timer at the bottom. think I almost spent a hr trying to get into a room and still nothing WTF... 


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that happens all the time to me but then again im stealing someones wireless to power xbox live

I had some problems last night, using a wired fiber optic connection, they really need to sort this out, make sure that when you connect to a game, you are playing with people in the same country/continent as you.

Yeah i had a few rooms where people filled it but no timer.  Never heard anyone speak either so I was probably in a dead room.  What is aggravating for me is when I can play 3-4 matches with zero issues then the next 3-4 are riddled with lag issues.  Hope they can figure it out soon.