WTF is Aground supposed to be?

the ship just went aground and somehow the rocks grew up around it? did they just get lazy?


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It's entirely possible the ship was washed upon those rocks from a monsoon or tidal wave.

and then the rocks grew around it? look at the ground and how the ship comes out of it

its not on top of the rocks its in it

I can't look at it because I don't have access to my Xbox 360.



Since I don't have access to my Xbox 360, I used the above video to get a good look at it & there's plenty of possible explanations. First of all, the ship is old & rusted, which means it's been there for a very long time, years possibly (50-60 years or so I'd say), which is plenty of time for the ship to be bashed against the rocks by the tide or get hit by mudslides from the hills. A really high tide could wash all that dirt & sediment right up to the bowels of the ship & then receded over time. I don't see rocks, not big ones anyways. All I see is dirt & some grass...

Like the map myself

Have you ever noticed how you can run around and hipfire a Barrett .50 like its nothing? My point, it is a video game.

OP has a legit, albeit, incredibly anal complaint.  The excuse I would give is the same one I give for any of my farcry or Halo maps I've created:  The area is highly volcanic!