wtf hit me

yeah so for as long as ive been playing, the one thing thing that seems to bother me the most is the laggy vehicle collisions. for instance, when u fly into an opposing helicopter with your helicopter. it seems to always be slow and just awkwardly laggy. never getting legit physical hits. so my question: why is it sooo bad?!


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Think of it this way;

Its not laggy, its just super-awesome slow-mo!  :D

....I love the random powerslides tanks will suddenly do for no apparent reason....yeah good luck getting a real tank to spin out...let alone for no reason

u ever see a track do a pivot turn? iknow its not the same, but still... ive seen a 113 turn and slide so hard it tipped over on its side, kinda ahighr center of gravity than a M1 but a 60 could turn over easy

right....but I"m talking about the in-game thing where it just slides out for no for the real tanks, you have to be getting pretty radical with it to make it do what it does by itself in BF3

sliding sidewise is not a good thing, IRL that means ur prolly goin over a cliff very soon could run over a Chevy with an M1...and ya might not notice you hit anything....Ford probably makes a bit more noise

Ever since the last patch I bin having problems getting kills, enemy will take lots of hits and I get killed there health is 50% or higher. I never had this problem before even checked with my internet just don't know what it is.

whiners begged and cried to DICE and DICE got rid of splash damage basically