WTF did I just do?

So I was out of town and playing on a different Xbox and thought I would create a new character for fun, getting up to level 6. I though if I let my new character join my UVHM game just for when I turned in quests it would help level them up quickly. So I copy the save game just for the level 6 character to my hard drive off a USB and it overwrote my main character. By the way the files were structured I though each character was its own save. So I just moved that file and 60+ hours of work and a ton of great items lost over this. Is this a known issue or do I just have crap luck? Any good time on how to quickly level a character for 1-61?

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Each character does have its own save,press Y at the main menu to select them.

If you have copied over them,you won`t get them back.


A level one character will not get the XP from turning in missions many levels ahead of them.

how to quickly level a character and have the missions done.

start a open public game and when you're done playing just leave your xbox on when your sleeping or at work when your away. Randoms will join and do missions when you come back you'll be a higher level.