WTF are these guys saying

Ok Vets and Holiday Noobs welcome back to the real word........BTW I love Christmas ! Fresh meat on the battlefield!  lol

Anyways most of you have been playing a while and there has been something on my mind for some time

Who in the heck are DICE getting there soldier comments from when building this game? When you are in a battle you will hear the soldiers call out things while in a fight.

Have any of you EVER said in your entire life??........"I am getting my [Mod Removed] pushed in here"    

Now, maybe I am out of the loop or getting to old but why in the Hell would you ever say that unless you are at some turkish bathouse or I guess if you're  called Zombieblow 

Then last night I heard...."My [Mod Removed]  is getting ripped over here"

These Swedish guys are either really into [Mod Removed]  or they are the kinkiest game programers ever.

Anyone else have any? I know there must be more I am just drawing a blank.  


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[quote user="II BiGDaDDiE II"]

Yep your a chick.....Don't tell me your cam in down today right >?    

Later princess. Your Hoverround must be charged and waiting for you to cruise the Trailer park looking for gamerchicks.

Honestly houses with wheels are cool. Just in case your babies mama shows up....Zing your outta there.

As I have said in the past....If you never play this game and  you hate this game sooo much ......Why are you here? Strawberry shortcake forum down? What  is funny I see you actually go on the Battelfield fourms as well and tell everyone there how much you don't play and hate this game..........Why ? Even they ask. Zombie why are you here? BF hurt your feelings and it's kinda funny you cannot adapt to BF3. GO grab your LMG and come get some lady.

Your just odd missy. But I am sure you will hump our leg next week as well....."Hey guys I hate this game" ..."Hey guys I hate this game". We know dude, you have been telling us since the game dropped.

[/quote]I'm here because I like to watch DICE fail. btw, you are suffering from transferance, obviously. It's ok, one day your mom will kick you out, and you'll have to find a 'house with wheels' for yourself. You must be "MLG" i.e. a 20 something, overweight and suffering from failure to launch. Your choice of 'rainbow sunglasses' for your avatar is very telling of the community you support and participate in.

Man these mods are Bored...............We actually self impose bad language and quotes with * and asterics etc but they still feel the need to [ MOD REMOVE]..

Holy crap there must be an empty donut shop some place


but when womerns does it... that seems alright

LMAO.........Over the Holidays I was playing with a house full of people. Just showing somebody something in the game actually ...I have never really paid attention but BF3 has some pretty harsh language.

BTW Happy Holidays Boys

[quote user="APOCACIDE"]

[quote user="UneasyJmitchell"]

I guess "combat s3x" is like "prison s3x", meaning it isnt g4y, dunno.

[/quote]yes it is-thats just ghey cons tryin to pretend they not

[/quote]In all actuality, in the above listed situations, I think its not really about the s3x, but more of a power thing. Brokeback mountain is a different story though, LOL.

Oh Zombieblow, there are what 12-18 guys on this actual  forum who know and  have actually seen what I have. So,  unlike yourself I  cannot hide behind BS internet chest pounding. As a matter of fact  you know youself I live in a badass house, have badass cars and toys right ? and still in my spare time still find joy in pounding you on the BF for laughs.  

For all we know your a chick who likes Star Trek and we all know  how hot Star Trek chicks are. They rank right around your local gamestop chicks....or as you call honey

What do they say ?

@LAX.....BTW I should have bought my AR a few weeks ago.. Not one around to buy. MUch less the ammo !

"Kicks self in [Mod Removed] 

What is wrong with wearing rainbow sun glasses?

LMAO...This when chicks do it's ok is sooooooo true. Drives the ladies nutz when guys says that.

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