Wrench weilder?

I only need seven shotgun kills and thought I'd bosh them out in TDM.
Two rounds played, one with DAO-12 + slug and one M1014 + buckshot. Obtained more than seven kills in each round.
No shotgun kills registered with the aforementioned assignment.

Is this round specific, i.e. MUST be conquest or something?


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Maybe you have to do it with the Engineer class since it's an Engineer assignment?

Oh................of course.

Well it's a suggestion.  I have no idea since I don't have Premium.

I have a suspicion you are right. I was doing TDM with Assault, since Engineer is pointless in that mode.

Should have occurred to me. I blame lack of sleep.

This is true, you have to use the engineer class with the shotgun. Although it is not that hard to imagine they really should specify.