WRC Powerslide based on existing franchise?!

I've been reading that the new WRC Powerslide was based on an existing series.  I was really surprised because I usually keep up with all games that come out, especially racing titles.  Did some research and found out there have been not just one, but three,THREE! games released on the 360.  So how come I've never heard of this series till now.  This has to be the most horribly advertised game series in the history of gaming.


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It's not a triple A series, and so it obviously doesn't get the same degree of advertisements as bigger titles out there. However, all the big publications have reviewed the games when they came out, and there have been some adverts on sites and in mags. Guess you just missed 'em, mate :)

Did a little more research into why I never heard of this series.  Apparently, they don't advertise games in the U.S. when they aren't released in the U.S.

If you want to check WRC out, you can import WRC 2 and it will work on your NTSC/U XBox 360. WRC 2 is Region Free. WRC 1 and 3, however, will require a PAL XBox 360 as they are both region locked. 

I ordered my copy of WRC 2 from the seller 'Funstock' on amazon.co.uk. They were one of the few who shipped to US. Total came out to be like $24.

And one day there will will be no PAL and NCIS bull crap. And we can play any game we want. As long there is regaion version for this country.