WP7 Coin Golf gold not showing up anymore in my Fable 3 sanctuary...


I finally started up Fable 3 (360) for the first time last week and have been playing every night since. I also bought Coin Golf for my WP7, this past Monday, and it was successfully adding the gold to my sanctuary every time I started Fable 3. Now the last three days I've played Coin Golf during the day while watching TV, and then started up Fable 3 at night only to find my gold is not present at the gift area of the sanctuary.

Any particular reason this is happening? Is it because I've beat Coin Golf? Is there a limit to the money that's transferable?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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coin gulf?

didn't know this was downloadable already!

where/how do u download this?

Fable: Coin Golf in on Windows Phone 7.

I'm having this issue too.  Beat coin golf and then started fable 3 for the first time.  Opened all the doors in the sanctuary and don't see any gifts with gold.  I also bought all the dlc and don't have any of the weapons from coin golf either.