wow Really Call duty Elite?

lol really now? first you gotta pay for xbox live and now call duty elite lol, man these game companies just cant get more greedy :)

pay to look at your stats, really r you that desperate lol

instead making the community bigger they just decrease the size


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yeah   , and at a casino your 1st couple of drinks are free too , then you get a little tipsy , lose your train of thought and before you know it youve just dropped a months pay on a crooked 21 dealer !!

If you researched a bit more, you'd find out everything they've shown us is indeed free. :)

Does the OP live under a rock?


There are countless other threads both describing and complaining about CoD: Elite. There is nothing original or new in this thread so please do some research next time.


I find that saves you from sounding less intelligent than you probably are.