Wow, I'm really starting to absolutly HATE this game....

First off, there's just way too much talking scenes compared to playing... If I wanted to sit and watch something, I'd watch a movie or tv or something... I like my video games to be playable and enjoyable, not over the top boring.


Then, when it's not over the top chatty, I end up stuck in so many places where it doesn't give you any clues what you are supposed to do. That is my all time biggest peeve in games... When they don't give you any direction at all, and so far, Dragon Age origins is the worst of all I've ever seen.


I'd like it if if video game companies would actually make a decent game these days that didn't require you having to go online for answers, or look into guide books or something.



I apologize for this rant, but i don't think I've ever found a game that pisses me off so much... I highly doubt I'll even try Dragon Age II at this point!


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Perhaps games where you have to use your brain isn't for you? j/k

It can get a bit chatty sometimes, but overrall it's one of the best RPG's I've ever played.

Besides, the dialogue is a big part of what makes this game so good, imo.

If it's driving you crazy, stop playing.

You can hit the 'X' button to skip dialogue and cut scenes.  It helps relieve some of the tedium of the early game.  After you get a little way in, there's a better killing-to-yapping ratio.  You can also get hints about your quests by hitting the 'back' button and reading about them.

lol its a role playing game, its supposed to be a story, thats what makes it great. Its your story, and how you act defines how the game and people in it will treat you. Don't like it? go back to that aborted fetus of crap call call of duty.

It amazes me how you can slag this game off when you should know what you're getting into based on your recent games you've played.

The whole point of an RPG is to be part of the experience and to dictate what happens in the world around you. If you think this game is too much like a film then try playing metal gear solid...

And when you get lost try using the back button to look at the map you're in and also look at your quest list and details.