Wow I'd be lucky if I get a single kill a match...any pointers?


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Your post is decently old, it's possible that you no longer have any interest in the game's multiplayer, someone had gotten back to you by means of a PM, or you simply got better on your own, though I'll still grant you some tips just for the general purpose of being benevolent ;-).

More than anything else, pay attention to the quality of your connection to the host's - the simplest means to check this practically is by altering your ready status in direct succession, if there's a decent deal of delay in how quickly you can do that, you'll be able to tell the host is either really far from you, or just has a generally bad connection.

Although you might get a decent deal of flak for it host your own matches too, as that gives you no delay and will grant you an extreme advantage with reference to shotgun duels most specifically.

If you haven't yet, familiarize yourself with each map's weapon locations by hosting your own private matches, and once you have knowledge of where weapons spawn, choose which ones to strive for acknowledging what you can use the most practically; don't just follow suit and obsess over the longshot, (sniper rifle) the boomshot and/or grenades you'll probably put to much more practical use much of the time, and although it's not on that many maps, and only one is seen frequently, try your best to get your hands on the hammer of dawn, as that's the most practical means to playing the game at long range.

Always keep in mind that Gears is a team-centric game, and so always stay near and support at least one other person on your team... If you haven't tried this yet, I'd also recommend playing with at least two other people in a party, so you'll be able to practically coordinate and more likely will be able to get your hands on specific weapons you'd like.

I would think this would be easily inferred, but I'm cool with you adding me to friends for the purpose of playing Gears sometime; by some hardcore players' standards I might be mediocre at best, though my k/d is upwards of 1500 I believe, I have "Seriously...", and I'd played regularly for upwards of a year, so without coming off boastful I think I have a pretty thorough knowledge of how to play the game well.

I hope to receive a message from you soon :-).

This is great info and so glad you took the time to post this. I've been having issues with GOW1, as I've started playing it again and it's not been very satisfying. I've been kicked off after a round and been advised by other forum posters that's it only due to connection and the host can't kick you out. I've not great, but try hard and want to have a good time.

In GOW2 that doesn't seem to be an issue and last night I was playing Horde and never had a problem.

Again thanks for posting these details - much appreciated!

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This game is pretty ridiculous. Especially when it comes to the host of the match. It favors them pretty heavily. I play a lot of unranked games because those in ranked games tend to be pretty good. Plus I like to play split screen with a buddy. I like the challenge, for that is why I keep coming back but this game is wack. Sometimes I have a blast and sometimes I find myself throwing the controller. Maybe that's why I am posting on this