Wow Bungie!

Well I got hit by the ban hammer.  was trying to get a couple achievements out of the way before my Gold Expires.  and bam! Banned.  way to strict.  Ya I know guests should be playing yada yada yada.  oh well.  I guess I well wait out my suspension and not complain cause of what I was doing with my buddies I know was wrong.  but hey have an idea.  Why doesn't Bungie just discontinue the guest option?


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cause people do actually play with a guest sometimes and don't try to boost achievements or comendations or medals or whatever you were boosting shame on you


see you where trying to get some achievements done, without actually achieving something you where just gonna take it the easy way

ya I was, cause I am looking at a very very long time away from online matchmaking.  and I just got the defiant map pack and was trying to get candy from a baby and kill 3 people with the skulls achievements out of the way so when I do lose my Gold in the next month.  I could concentrate on assassinating that damn elite and finishing campaign solo on legendary.  I did get the skulls achievement but couldn't find a stockpile game.  hmm oh well...    

and yeah stockpile one is gonna be a little hard, better be ready with a full team of friends so this way you can al vote for that map/gametype, cause its somewhat hard to find one nowadays

and for the campaign solo on legendary better use the plasma pistol and DMR/needle rifle combo

Well, you DID try boost something, no offense .

Better luck next time

Ya your right Chain I did. not going to set here be like the others and say oh no I didn't do anything wrong.  I am innocent this is a mistake.  no I did.  but damn it.  I say it's to strict.  for one i didn't altar the game. two I what I did not affect an unwilling gamer in a negative way.  three.  All I did was manipulate a game that consisted of 3 of my friends an myself by using the giving guest option.  in order to boost a couple achievements.  that have no true effect on the outcome of my individual rank..  so I say to the possibility of a Bungie Employee 343i being in these forums.  Chill out relax.  It's going to be ok.  It's only achievements.  No need to be having chronic anal pain over this. 



It's fair enough to think it's too strict . I've never been caught boosting Achievements (I won't deny it, a long time ago I did boost the H3 Overkill) but if you did need to then I can understand your frustration.


I wasn't being annoying when I said that by the way . Simply pointing it out with no offense intended.

No I didn't take any offense...  

Oh good .

Ya, well I am not frustrated either with it.  I am just thinking that its just a little to strict.  anyways unbanned now. lol..  I guess they just wanted to flex there muscles on me and my buddies.  message taking.  but loosing up a bit Bungie/343i.

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