Wow! 128 high is the limit?

I didn't expect it to be so low!  I am starting a massive construction and was doing the pre-planning.  So I stacked up dirt and 128 was the highest build point.  And sea level is 64 so that limits building to 63 blocks?  Woof.  I will have to redesign one of my buildings as it won't fit.

I also found my Z maxed out at 420 to the south.  That right?  Seems a weird number given everything else in Minecraft seems to be powers of 2.  I would have thought it would be 512 or 256.


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yeah, from sea level, it's 63 blocks to the sky.

and the world is like 840x840, not 1024.  Not sure why they didn't stick to to a power of 2 number which would be very PC.

840?  What an odd figure to settle on.  Well at this point then, the main structure I am building will cover 1/8th of the map!  Lucky I decided to build it at the lower edge :)

Due to the limit, I decided to go with a reverse bent pyramid instead of a standard one.  Instead of being a sharper angle at the start then shallower at the bend like the real Egyptian one, I went the other way.  Shallower at the lower (1 up for every 3 in) then steeper toward the middle (1 for 1).   From the ground it will have the appearance of an obelisk on top of a pyramid base.  I was wanting to build a 100x100x100 pyramid and I wasn't relishing the thought of filling 100x100x40 with sand to get rid of the water blocks and then digging it all back out again.  I still stuck with 100x100 base (actually 99x99 so it would be odd and have a cap block) but snuck it in at 55 high using the bent format which still allows it to float in air.