Wouldnt it be awesome if...(spoilerish)

They made a whole mode of of Lambent Humans. I just reached that part of the campaign last night with some friends (in Arcade mode mind you) and was completely taken by surprise. It totally came off as a mini zombie game. There were so many little tips of the hat to the genre in the dialog alone. Im praying they are working on this concept for DLC...cuz Im SOLD!!! It would be ridiculous for them to not make it, even if it were just a big goof on the current zombie craze it would still be heaps of fun and sell like gangbusters!!! BTW, sorry if this is a duplicate topic.


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maybe. i hope they do more for beast mode as well. maybe add like lambent humans or something. beast mode seams really short. only 12 waves? come on, the regular horde is 50.

imo...I think some of the first DLC we will see will add to the length of Beast Mode and fairly sure we will see some lambent human modes (aka zombie mode).

I personaly can't wait to see what they add to the campaign!!! I loved this campaign!!!

imo they should have made Beast mode @ least 25 waves.

I haven't played Beast Mode yet. Is it fun like Horde? The furthest I think I've gotten on Horde is wave 12 or something in Gears 2. Is Beast Mode harder or easier than Horde?

Its kinda fun with friends.

I hear Beast mode is kinda hard as well (havent played it yet). I went all 50 waves of Horde mode with 4 friends on normal...and still got our butts whipped! You definitely need your all friends for that one. Right now though, I just wanna see a Lambent human side story. It could be like a "what if" kind of scenario that takes place around the "Breakneck Run" point in the story where Marc, Dom, Anya, and Sam get trapped in a large house overnight and have to fend off waves of infected until they can be rescued by Cole, Baird, Carmine, Jayce, and Dizzy. Just find a way to make the madness last from anywhere between 1 to 2 hours...and we got a hit! They could make it as tougne in cheek as they wanted. Cheap scares, inside jokes from typical zombie movie trappings, the works. They could call it "Night of the Lambents" or something. C'mon Epic, give us your response to "Undead Nightmare".