Would love to see damage to buildings and the terrain...

Game environment seems a bit too sterile.  Would love to see this added.  Doesn't have to be to the point of buildings coming down, but how cool would it be to see buildings at least cosmetically damaged... riddled with bullet holes, black burn marks, damaged walls and rooftops when Titans run into buildings.. stuff like that..  

Maybe big holes in the ground when Titan's explode, and even some debris that remains in the game.  Not advocating for complete destructibility of structures, because that will just level the battlefield over the course of the match and I do believe you need structures there for this game to play as intended... just make them look like they're about to come down after a few hits or collisions with Titans, that would be cool.


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I don't think it will get added to Titanfall now.

But maybe Titanfall 2

You can't just "add" that stuff, lol.

would be cool but ...this is THE next gen game man....lol....yeah, you'd think "the greatest video game system ever made" would be able to handle that, but no...wait, BF4 has it in 64 player lobbies ....same on the PS4...oh yeah, but this game is "groundbreaking" ...lol....this game is fun, but it's barely a step above an arcade title in my opinion