Would Love To Play, If It Worked

I downloaded the Titanfall beta last month, and it crashed my xbox. So, I had to delete it, just to be able to play my other games. I said to my self, "self, surely the release copy will be better". I was wrong. I finally got my xbox back online, (after a month). I buy Titanfall. It worked for 45min. It works no more. I can't play it. My brother can't play his copy. My other brother can't play his copy. My son can't play his copy. By my calculations, that is about $250 that we are owed from this piece of poop. Why is it so hard to make sure a game works before it's released.


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I noticed that the account you're posting under is only an Xbox silver account. I'm not sure if that's the account you're trying to play on but you do need an Xbox Live Gold account to play Titanfall (as it's an online-only game).

Not sure why it's showing up as silver. Like i said. I was able to play the game for 45 min. when i got home yesterday. Now it just loads. I still have full access to all of my xbox features: apps, store, youtube, other game's multiplayer. Just not Titanfall. It seems to be quite an issue as well. Respawn is blowing up with complaints.

yeah, alot of people couldn't even log into XBL after installing Titanfall onto their consoles......happened to  a good friend of mine last night...he's stuck playing his 360 for now ...mine works, but I'd be irate if it didn't..and don't lie, so would all you "titanfall is the most awesomest game ever" fanbois, if it happened to you...damn straight, people need to be complaining here...to XBL direct, to the games developers, etc etc, somebody somewhere needs to not be getting a good nights sleep for *** the bunk

...really?...that's a bad word?