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Would it be possible to, after the last DLC comes out, raising level cap to 50, be able to have all your stats at 100?  If you were to put all 5 extra points on Intelligence at the beginning, got Educated as early as possible and found all of the Skill Books.  Also, is there a way to make all of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats 10?  I apparently can't get any more implants from the doctor, and I'm starting to add more through Intense Training, but was wondering if it was possible.


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I don't think so. I have 2 specials at 10 with my lowest at 7. I'm level 42 so I think we'll miss atleast one of them. I don't really see how to get specials up anymore. Skills yes but Specials no.

Well I have the collector's edition strategy guide, and it says there are 4 of all Skills books besides one.  Not to mention the few that were thrown in with DLCs.  Right now my SPECIAL skills are all above 5, with strength being at 7 as well as agility.  Still have like 3 more tiers of Intense Training to go.

In OWB you get 1 of each skill holo disc, and there's 1 big book of science, and 2 chinese stealth books, in Dead Money and HH you find skill books randomly,  when you level up don't put any skill over 80, just have plenty of magazines, then when you find and read all  the books from the game, you get to 100 no probs,  don't put your strength higher than 7, you get an implant from the NV clinic, and if you put your own spine back in, in OWB you get a +2 to strength and DT, if you take small frame trait you get a +1 Agility, but get damaged limbs easily, Boones Beret gives +1 to Per and +5 critical chance, I think the stealth suit increases Endurance and Agility, can't remember, don't wear it, don't think you can get all specials to 10, unless you miss out on perks,

Had a look at this earlier, and you can't get all your special to 10, you need a total of 70 points, at the start skills are all 5, and you get 5 to allocate, thats a total of  40, if you take intense trg x 10, thats 50, add on the 7 implants you can get from the NV clinic, that's 57, you can get a +2 to strength in OWB if you put your own spine back in, thats 59!!, add on the + 1 Agility from taking the small frame trait makes 60, then you have bonuses you get from clothing, i.e: + 1 personality from  Boones Beret, + 1 Endurance from Tri Valens  rings and + 1 Per and + 1 agility from the stealth suit mk 2 that makes 64, I've had a look at all my saved games and  this is the most special points I could get without compromising DT, I don't have much legion clothing/headwear, so I don't know if there's any good stuff there!!!,

don't forget the 4eyes trait gives +2 per   .....this is one I always use.

Even after Lonesome Road comes out, I doubt we'll be able to max out Specials and Skills. I'd need to get 5 more Specials to max out and we are only going to get, if my guess is right, another 2 maybe 3 at best. They'll probably up the XP 5 more levels as they have in the past with each DLC. I only get 17 points to distribute each time so with my skills down where they are I'll still be lacking more than 100 points for skills and 4 Specials. I'm thinking the answer is NO. If you have better ideas I'd sure like to hear them.