Would i get into trouble if i had this in my bio?

Just a simple question anyways id like to put this in my bio

"I want you to caress me like a tropical priest"

lol if your wondering thats from the song on youtube "Touch my body (Tuts my barreh)" im not going to post it so u can search it up but yea... so would i get in trouble for having that in my bio? 


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I got into serious trouble for having the slogan, 'FC | UK' as my motto, which cost me my badge. Even though this stands for 'French Connection United Kingdom', a clothing label commonly seen on G rated TV programs even. I didn't think much of it, but I guess I was wrong.

Common sense buddy if you think its wrong or if you have to ask if it's right it's prolly best that you don't do it.

Usually if you gotta ask then...

lol i gamerscore cheated like 5 years ago and i forgot about it

I'm offended

[quote user="THEOWENKILLER"]

That should go well with your "cheater" banner.

[/quote]Haha! Cheater. Ha!

That should go well with your "cheater" banner.

What's wrong with just putting your name, your country of origin and a line about who you are?  Nobody looks at other people's bios, and if they did they don't give a crap about what song/lyric you enjoy.  No offense, just the truth.

Actually I don't think you can get in trouble for that, it's not outright sexually suggestive so I think you'd be safe.

most likely, as it can be taken the wrong way in other countries.