WoT - XBox One - Freezing constantly

Would have put this on an XBox One forum, but there isn't one for WoT.

Played a lot most of the day with no problems.  Then, starting at about 545pm EST, every single game I play starts and less than 30 seconds in the game freezes and I have to dashboard and close.  When I restart WoT, I get thrown right back into the game, dead.  Tried hard reset - Same thing.  Deleted game and reinstalled - no joy.  I have tried like a dozen matches, in different tanks, tiers, etc... and they ALL freeze within 30 seconds of joining.  I can still hear chat, but that's about it.

What gives?

I know it's a Free to Play game, but still.  I should at least be able to PLAY.


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I played all day yesterday without any prob then i sign on today and like u said to a T starts happing would love to play WoT agin its a great game to play when theres not much else going on or your bored of playing the same games over an over (mainly do to lack of space on the hard drive) but any way when will this be fixed. In a time line and not a vauge soon comment. Set goals xbox not when ever you guys get aound to it.

Since the Xbox one joint venture to World of Tanks load times are atrocious, yes I have optimized from the WOT dashboard ..... when the game loads it seems like it takes double the time it used to just to get to the garage ..... picking tanks and upgrading from the garage seems to be not affected ..... when loading into a multiplayer match, my acount seems to be one of the first on the list ..... the timer counts down , match starts and seems that both teams start out with half the teams loaded , as play starts the players get loaded and my controls become lagged ...... I cant drive a straight line cannot turn the gun aim or shoot ....... i will aim see target and shoot , the shot will take 5 seconds and the round will fly in a different direction , then it will glitch into a different part of map and by then will be killed by multiple tanks ................ Previous to this type of play ... I also had NAT problems ..... I spent hours on the phone with AT&T and they finally repaired the NAT settings to my XBOX 360...... since Monday I have been able to join parties and platoons , but not able to control game play, last nite i was in a party and my platoon members would tell me that my speech was broken and I would hear the same on my end My Broadband box - ARRIS NVG589 I have spent some money to WOT probably as much as a premium XBOX 360 disc, 60 - 80 $ but then again they offer it as a free to play game I am REALLY considering switching to PC version !!!!