Worth buying ?

I got rid of reach a long time ago . Do you think the reach community will keep playing it or move on to 4 ? I like 4 way more but I do miss reach a little bit and it is still a fun game to play once and a while I like to do challenges and firefight is not in 4 .


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If you still enjoy Halo: Reach pick it up, I personally think it was one of the worst Halo games, especially in the MP department, and will probably never play it again other than to grab a few more campaign achievements.

I agree it was the worst halo mp but I liked firefight . I have to say after playing halo 4 for awhile I no longer want to go back to halo 3 or halo reach . its better in everyway . Only thing I dont like is the new BR . But I doubt I will buy reach unless its cheap .

A true Halo fan would pick up the game, regardless of whether or not it was the best in the series. Bungie did an amazing job with all of their games and I personally thought Reach's campaign was interesting and enjoyable, especially the campaign armour modifications. I have every Halo game and will continue to buy them. I simply love the series.

"A true Halo fan".


Lol. That's all that can be said, because that's no justification for buying this atrocious game.

i personally thought that Reach was fun! everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

I am in the same situation (except it is with Halo 4) as you do right now with Halo Reach and it is my opinion that you probably shouldn't get Halo Reach again.  I am saying this because the only thing that interest me in Halo 4 is Spartan Ops, but I got turned off by the Call of Duty style system.  Thus, I am only a little bit interested in Halo 4 and absolutely love Halo Reach.  Hence I will not be picking Halo 4.  Ultimately, the decision is up to you.  But to me, the "a little bit" part doesn't warrant a purchase because I will spend most of my time on Halo Reach & probably barely play Halo 4.

Reach is better than 4. Sorry to say it but it is.

$40.00 ($25.00 Gift Card) is worth it just to play Spartan Ops.  I have absolutely no intention of playing the single player or PvP.  I never would have picked up Halo 4 if it wasn't for the Gift Card.  I am having a lot of fun with Spartan Ops and I will definitely be playing Halo 4 every now & then after I finish all the missions.  Halo Reach is the "complete package" and I don't see myself getting tired of it anytime soon  :)