Worth $40

Gamestop is having a sale on this game. Was thinking of picking it up. Just wanted to get some general thoughts on the good and the bad things abouy this game.


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I am in the same boat as you. I got DA:o ultimate edition with all the DLC a couple weeks ago and love it. Im starting my 2nd

play through to pick up some more achievements. I see that you haven't done much in the first game and would recommend playing through it doing the DLC as well, the ultimate editing comes with all that and i got it for less than $30 at gamestop. Best deal I've gotten there since the orange box...

I was also wondering as well though if the 2nd was worth it, I've heard some negative feedback from fans of the first game

I am about to start this game and from watching my girl friend it seems worth it.

Alot of people complain about this game and in many ways it is a step down from the original.  Overall origins is a much better game.  With that said despite all of it's flaws I still fine DA 2 really fun to play.

May as well wait a year or two for the inevitable Ultimate Edition

It's good - definitely worth $40. A decent run through of the game, you'll spend around 20 hrs on it. It also has good replay value.There are worse things you could spend the money on.

20 hours if you rush maybe... I'd say more like 30-35 hour.

Certainly worth 40 bucks. I got it when it was full price and purchased the DLC and I don't regret any of those dollars spent.

Id agree ^. No way this game can be completed in 20 hours.  I bought the Bioware Sig Ed, on pre-order for £45 around $60.  For the total number of hours it has given me, it is one of the best value for money games I have bought, to date.

Great game, boring at times & complicated (for me anyway), but still worth the money.  I played through it without really knowing what I was supposed to do (with the spells, buffs, etc), wish I had read up abit about them before I played it.  My advice is to have a look at it online to atleast point you in the right direction.