Worst Comparison Ever?

So, my buddy and I got an into an argument over which game offered more...I compared his game series to the Black Eyed Peas and the Battlefield series to The Roots.  He scoffed and tried to pull the old which-game-has-sold-the-most-copies card, which only furthered my point!  

Then he said he didn't like BF (has only played 8-minutes, mind you) because it played like...wait for it...Grand Theft Auto??!!  Aside from being able to get into vehicles, how are the two even remotely similar?  His major gripe was that he got ran over by some random vehicle.  Honestly, I don't even think he's even played GTA.

Ignorance is bliss.



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your buddy should buy  a PS3, they love idiots.

Sounds like its just not his style. He may be more into arcade type shooters like COD or Unreal. There are people who like all types of FPS games, and those who like either sim types or arcade types. Does he play Gears of War?

Game's not for everyone.