World at War

Why doesn't the xbox live enforcement team actually start banning people for modding in-game? And no, not modding as in making your avatar a different color because we all know that doesn't matter at all and doesn't affect anything but literally JUST A COLOR. No, I am talking about going through games that are old and banning modders and hackers who completely destroy the multiplayer. One of these games, as most of you might know, is CoD World at War. Honestly it is one of my favorite games, campaign, nazi zombies, and multiplayer. Oh, and its infested with hackers. I cant even move five feet without seeing advertisements being lighted up on the screen or people launching off into the sky with god mode enabled. And so, am just wondering why the enforcement team doesn't just take an ol' trip through World at War and start sending out them bans like they ought to be sent out.

sincerely, (MOD REMOVED) xbox forum user.


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They cant ban them if you dont report them.

Sadly Activision/Treyarch won't do anything to at least try to fix the issues running rampant with modders in W@W. It was my favorite Call of Duty game, but it is sad to see it in the state it is in. If you join a lobby, just leave. The only option is to report any profile you see doing any mods. 

After a game has been out on the open market for a number of years the developer stops enforcing any rules and puts all their effort on new and more current games. This doesn't only happen with World at War and it's developer but a lot of games.