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Im curios and wondering what kind of course i will have too take to work for M.S..because i will be going to Uni next year a few guys from SONY came today but wouldnt want too work for the enemy but would you know the course title if its graphics or anything ?....thanks

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wow holy jesus picture, that depends what your looking to do @ microsoft. you obviously need to graduate university/college. and its not just a course it would probably have to be like a 2-4 year program. youd have to also fly to washington.

I mean wouldnt there be places in England

It depends on what you actually want to do, mate. Saying you want to work for Microsoft is really vague. it's a huge company that deals with so many things, but I'm assuming you're speaking about the gaming aspect of them, but even then would you like to be a designer? Programmer? concept artist? script writer? animator? and so many others!

Yeah you cant just say I want to work for MS, what class do I need to take in order to do so.  It doesnt work like that.  First off, know what you actually want to do, because you are a long ways off from even possibly working there.  Look into jobs MS, Sony, Nintendo, and other big electronic corporations have, see what they do, and which interest you, major in that, and go to a school where theyre big on that specific major, because saying you graduated from a primary teaching college with a degree in Programming wouldnt give you a lot of credit.

Thanks for the tips :)

Or you could just click the JOBS link at the bottom of the page. Look at what openings they have available and then see what types of degree(s) you would need in order to apply for that position. Either way some sort of computer degree would most definitely benefit you.

here ya go buddy. this site will give you all the info your looking for.

If Sony ever offered me a job Id take