Workaholics Free Today Only!

Title says it all, i saw it advertised on the dash, and wondered if they do other things like this?


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^  ????

I've seen a few free movies advertised this way recently. Didn't watch them and I do not remember what movies they were, I think the last one was a zombie movie, so in short, yes this has been done before.

I would not have known about it if it werent for the dashboard advertisements either..... So thanks for the adverts MS.

There was a time when they offered 3 seasons of Ice Road Truckers for free, that was strange.

I don't know what was behind these offers.

they do need to work on the advertising of these things.

I find the xbl marketplace great but it could be so much more.

@Collapse I remember that too. Grabbed them right up. Thank you ads on my paid subscription.

Cool, so this isn't as rare as I thought. Wish they had free songs!