I finally hit rank 45. Now what?


What did you do to reach Colonel?


I got a kill with a grenade.


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472 noscopez like a bosss



That why you be OP, yadda-I-mean?

Haven't hit 45 yet but knowing my luck i'll get it with 10 points fro a heal or something.

My very first kill was a stab. : D

But on topic, I don't think I will ever make it to lvl 45. I can't see myself having too much time to play any games in the near future. : (

back on BC2 reaching ranks above 30 kind of meant that you've unlocked most everything, but of BF3 getting rank 45 really does not mean that much, since there are still a lot of unlocks, stars and tags to get. case in point look at those boosters they really never unlocked that much. a player with a lot of stars and a lot of tags you know plays a rounded game, and they might have 100+ kills with each weapon, not just 1000+ kills with the same few weapons.