Wood Elf

Hey, just stated a wood elf, wondering what the best bow, and what 1 handed, or 2 handed weapon i should use, and also the best light armor.

Thanks :D


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Light Armor works it's way up the line...








Usually to get the higher ones, Elven and on, you have to have the smithing skill for it.

Same thing with the bow, whatever the best you can make, and I like stuff that looks good too, so see if you like the look.

Glass is my personal visual favorite.

Ok, thanks and i know where i can steal a elven bow, only a expert lock to pick and ive done a loads of times on different chars

I really love Skyrim's new lockpick system.

From fallout? :D (Though I love the ability to attempt higher difficulty than your current skill. That wasn't in fallout.)

I know nothing about Fallout, I'm not a fan of futuristic or post-apocalyptic shooters.

Whatever your level, add an enchantment to your bow to make it better.  When you find an enchanted bow that captures souls, keep it and use it for the finishing shot on things.  This helps with filling soul gems and racking up your enchantment level.  Goats make easy kills.  I have sneak and one shot kills on most things is pretty easy.

Smithing by far is (in my opinion) one of the best skills to keep up with. You can upgrade your weapons and armor and create new weapons and armor. The only hard thing finding the ore to metl it down into ingots. Or you could just by some.

It's very costly though... I leveled my smithing to 100, but I wasn't making money because of all the supplies I needed. I don't regret it though.

You get to improve weapons and armor...