Won a game by less than 5 points and didnt get the acheivement!

What gives?

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Same happened to my moments ago. Got a screen shot. What gives??

Which achievement are you guys referring to?

It would be the "squeaker" achievement on the phone version.

Yes, "Squeaker". It is ridiculous no one on the dev's team bothers to check this board.

A while ago, dogboyderekd was answering questions, and it seemed like he was someone who worked on creation of the game.  I haven't seen any posts from him or anyone else like him for quite a while.

Hello all, sorry for the delay in responding.  We do try to get to the boards every day, and it looks like we missed this one...oops.  I am sending this over to the dev team to have a look at why the Achievement isn't working.  I will let you know what I find out.

Hello again!  One of the devs has asked if any of you would be willing to try the following just to see what happens?  Let me know if you can do this and what you experience.  Thanks all!

Start a local game:

- tap "create new game"

- swipe to "pass & play"

- tap "pass & play" to start the game.

This game type will allow you to play by yourself, against yourself, which makes it so much easier.

You start so make a word with preferably less than 5 points (words like "on", "in", "to").

Submit the word so it's player 2's turn.

Give up.

*achievement unlocked* as long as that single word was less than 5 points.

I just won by 2 points and I didn't get this achievement either! I also didn't get the win your first game, achievement that should have accompanied it! Really frustrated :\