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Hi All,

I'm starting up a new clan and need great people to play along side with me.

If you're intrested in joining let me know and I will invite you to party

gamertag is - I Lushy WxM I

Clan is WolfCave (w00f)

add me and leave a message or reply to this post with your GT.

Many Thanks


All you need is love .. dum de dum de dum ? - ohh no sorry thats the


All you need is sanity ? - nope thats defintely not required, in

fact leaving that at the cave mouth would be a better plan !

All you need

is patience, a good community spirit and reasonable activity !

Do you want to leave paw prints on other players  ?

Do you want to attack every night ?

Do you have what it takes to laugh in the face of adversity ?

Do you want to learn to play in a friendly enviroment ?

Do you like your steak rare, medium, well done or tofu ?

Make your game go with a



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I'll be sending a message on Live. I'm just looking for a group to play with on the One since the rest of my friends haven't made the move from 360.

Looking for a good clan or a start up to play COD Ghosts with on Xbox One. I would like to join up and be part of the fight

Hope to hear from you.

good luck in recruiting new clan members, the very best of luck to you and your clan in the future!! best of luck to you all!

Love to hear back from you.  I am interested in joining a clan - loved to play BF on PC with  my clan buddies and want to do the same thing with COD (XBox One).  I am mature, still getting used to the controller but getting there.


Mike (bogatyrs)  - most just call me "Bogie"


still recruiting :) merged with Legit Gamers World Wide LGwW 24 members currently! if you need a clan on the xbox360/xboxone give me a message on xbox live, I Lushy WxM I

I'd like to join a clan but in Multiplayer COD I'm very average. I'd join so long as I'm not shouted at for bumbling into a bomb...

Hi Bogie!

good to hear from you! i've invited you to the clan, head over and except and i will see you on COD tonight :)