Woah Woah, is this against CoC?

Hey everyone, what's up.

I had a small questiion..


If i try to put:

. /_/-' l__}|;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'

In my bio, will i get my bio suspended and whatnot.

Im generally a good guy, being an ambassador and all.

I'd also want to represent my 'game', by putting this among whatever else i have.

But, i'd hate to break the rules over something like this.

It might offend some, or whatnot.


Someone Clarify plz?


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ASCII Keyboard Art is not against the ToU/ CoC as long as does not Violate either of those with the Content itself.

Sweet. thanks Kauz :)

No problem.

Was I the only one who laughed at the thread title?

^^ At first no but then I looked at it again and it was pretty funny.


I had to put my high school goggles on for a moment to see that, but lol

Dude or dueitte that cool. But i do not know about that.  Might want to talk to XBLET about this.