Been working so much that I haven't even had time to renew my gold. But i need to play again! I have to. It's been almost 9 months now and campaign just doesnt' cut it! I will be on in 3 weeks, conory, so i hope you're ready lol. C ya


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Don't worry Federal....Conory will be ready!!

Challenge accepted FxR. I will be waiting! :)

Well, the 3 week timetable was a bit inaccurate, lol. No days off to wait for the boys to set me up with some good internet. Im going to be getting some fiber optics when I do so I'm hoping my connection will be mint.

These popular forums get the messages across quickly!!!!!!

Conroy is a good lad !!

^^^ The Hammer speaks the truth! ;)

The thruth is federal is too poor to have a gold account he had to save up for six months, either that it was back to selling himself, lolololol