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I'm thinking me asking this might seem blatantly stupid to most of you, though I just wanted to verify that unlocking decks by the means of using deck keys counts as unlocking cards towards the 100% completion correct? This seems generally logical to me, though I had some doubts, as thinking about things objectively players aren't really earning anything by using said means, which would make me believe that maybe that wouldn't allow these means to count towards the achievement (and obviously I don't want to end up wasting my MS points, as if this does not count towards the achievement that will be the case)... With all that said, some definitive info here would be appreciated, thanks in advance!


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Yeah it will contribute towards the achievement. A fast way to unlock cards is by playing custom games and setting your starting life/hand while decreasing that of the AI. Or if you really want to be a lazy @@@ just let a friend play against you and tell him to not cast anything basically.