With Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Who Needs Titanfall?

After playing the beta, I was (like everyone else) extremely excited for Titanfall's release.  However, with the launch of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare (which I like to call by the easier to remember name PVZGW), I question whether I even need Titanfall anymore.  In Titanfall, the pilots all look alike and don't really have a different character.  At the end of the day, it's just a different load out.  PVZGW has real classes that are as distinct from each other as could possibly be imagined.  The simple fact is that, if I want to play as a Sunflower, Respawn does not provide me the option to do that.  Sure, it's possible that Sunflowers were simply left out of the beta, but shockingly, I've seen nothing to suggest it will be in the final game.  Similarly, I can't go into battle in Titanfall as a cactus.  I mean, seriously, when you examine Titanfall closely, the limitations are mind boggling.  And so, I'm left to wonder if we really need Titanfall.  Did Microsoft make a grave error spending all of their marketing muscle on Titanfall instead of putting $100 million into marketing PVZGW?  Should Microsoft have redirected the money spent on securing Titanfall console exclusively and bought Popcap instead--a company that has never produced a bad game, something truly unique in this industry?  As we all know, there is but one thing on the mind of today's gaming community today--is PVZGW truly the best game ever made?  I know where I stand on that issue.  With the release of PVZGW, did Microsoft make a mistake putting all of its eggs in the Titanfall basket?


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After the TF sales, Respawn/EA/and M$ will be able to buy an arcade game like that hundreds of times over. I didnt like Borderlands because its a bit cartoony, but PvZGW? Thats a bit over the top for me. So in short, No.

The two games are not even in the same league really. I love PvZ:GW, it's fun, different and silly but it will not come close to the experience TitanFall gives.

is this guy serious? trying to compare the two, i would say this guys is being sarcastic, I hope.

Why not buy both?

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hey man, is that game PVZGW any fun for real?.....it looks silly, but it also looks like it might be actually fun too, and I was wanting an honest opinion

^^ It's actually pretty good, very fun and addicting. I see you played ME3, the co/op mode aka Garden Ops is just like that! It even has reinforcement packs, 10 waves and you escape on the 11th, etc. It just has the PvZ silly twist to it. There's also a MP mode that they say is like Battlefields Rush mode. For $40 I think it's worth it.

Not sure if stupid, or very coy troll...

lol. Was original post a joke?

Regardless both games are totally different.

There is room on the market for both. I have the plant v zombies game and really like it.

I will also be getting Titanfall.

Besides the more good multiplayer games there are on xb1 the better for everyone.

Plants vs Zombies is a good game no doubt and for the price, it a purchase. Smooth online game play and you need to have a strategy. TF will be just as good and better by every means, understand we played TF beta and it ran very smooth and we have seen what they have in store for us. COD & Bf both in trouble. PVZ & TF will both do well what a time to be XB1 owner