Witcher Senses issue

I preordered this game on the May 16th and for whatever reason on May 18th around 8:30pm EST, this game suddenly allows me to play. Strange as it was, I didn't complain so I started playing.

Fast-forward an hour...

My Witcher Senses do not work. Let me rephrase that: ANY feature that requires the use of your Left-Trigger DO NOT WORK. Witcher Senses, Parrying, comparing armor/weapons with each other. I didn't think it was THAT big of a deal until I reached a point in the game where I am basically stuck until I use my Witcher Senses (similar to Batman: Arkham Asylum/Arkham City when you use your Detective Mode to find clues).

Even in the Tutorial scene, I was told to HOLD LT TO PARRY and again, it won't proceed any further until you Parry two attacks. I'm literally squeezing the left-trigger on my controller with two fingers and it doesn't work. And just to make sure that my controller isn't mysteriously broken, I switched over to Destiny and my left-trigger on that game works just fine (Aiming down sights and Sparrow boost).

I figured that this game doesn't come out until the next day and I read a lot about updates and patches that were supposed to come out but nothing has updated and at this point, I'm about to call Mircosoft's Xbox Live department to basically reverse the charge for this game. I really don't want it on my Xbox One anymore.


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I don't know what is wrong with your game. Have you tried a hard reboot of your system? However, the game was released globally at 1 am May 19th, Polish time. So digital versions of the game were released at 7pm EDT and 4pm PDT on May 18th in the US.  You didn't get your game early. My system automatically down loaded the day one patch. Yours probably did too.

Well the version that my game is running is v1.01. I've deleted this thing from my HDD around three times, installed it again. I've power-cycled my entire console. I've completely disconnected my Xbox One from my network, reconnected it, installed The Witcher 3 back onto my console....

I'm on the edge of just tossing this thing through my living room window.

I am having the exact same problem and I got the game Today. This is such crap I spent my hard earned money on this game that was so praised to be perfect 10&5s all over the board. But then I am plagued by one of the main mechanics  of the game not working. Honestly makes me want to take the game back and refund my money.  Literally played the tutorial and not the left trigger doesn't work for nothing to activate anything in the game its set to. Feels like I paid $65 for a demo.

I would exchange for the ps4 version. But it has more issues than,the xboxone.

ouch. I not have that problem. Thought the small font size and graphics occasionally give motion sickness.

That stinks. Did it start working for you?


I thought parry was the x button!

^^ It's LT.



Same issue here. I am using a Scuf controller. Not sure of why this is happening... I can't get past the parry Tutorial...

parry works only sometimes for me. everytime i pres LT it works every 5-6x time.strange