Witcher 2 PLEASE!!!

Is it still getting ported to xbox and ps3? CD project isn't doing itself any favours if it dosen't bring this amazing series to consoles. I think this developer has the potential to be the next bioware, especially if the old republic goes belly up. But they need to get there **** together and start developing for console.


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Yeah its an excellent game as picked it up yesterday for my PC. Beats Dragon Age games hands down IMHO and I love DA Origins.

Both dragon age games felt like B-Team projects to be honest, compared to mass effect anyway

The Witcher 2 is top notch. Amazing graphics, audio , dialogue and gameplay. cant wait to get more into it

you guys need to stop teasing me, you guys know if there is any news on a port? at work at the moment so i dont have time to look it up.